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Areas of Practice

What type of cases does Woodlands Guardianship Lawyer handle? - Woodlands Guardianship lawyer handles the following legal cases:

  1.  Guardianship of person and estate for incapacitated adults with dementia, alzheimer's disease (AD), mental retardation, down syndrome, autism, mental health and psychiatric disorder, and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  2. Guardianship of estate for minor
  3.  Temporary and permanent guardianships
  4.  Contested and uncontested guardianships

Woodlands Guardianship lawyer has provided answers to some frequently asked questions in our Guardianship page.

What type of cases does Woodlands Probate lawyer handle? - Woodlands Probate Lawyer handles:

  1. Will Probates
  2. Independent Administrations
  3. Heirship Proceedings
  4. Small Estates
  5. Muniment of Title
Please visit our Probate page, to see questions answered by Woodlands Probate lawyer.

What type of legal cases does Woodlands Estate Planning lawyer handle? - Woodlands Estate Planning lawyer handles these cases:

  1. Wills:
    1. Simple wills disposing outright to beneficiaries
    2. Simple wills with minors trust
    3. Simple wills with separate share trusts
    4. Wills for couples with blended families (children from prior marriage)


  2. Other estate planning:
    1. Durable Power of Attorney
    2. Medical Power of Attorney
    3. HIPPA Release
    4. Directive to Physicians
    5. Revocation of Power of Attorney
    6. Declaration of Guardian in the event of incapacity
    7. Appointment of Guardian for Children
    8. Appointment of Agent to Dispose of Remains                                                          

Woodlands Estate Planning lawyer has answered some general questions regarding wills and estate planning in our Wills and Estate Planning page.