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Initial Consultation

Questions and Answers about attorney consultations:

What is the fee to consult with the attorney about a Probate, Guardianship or Estate Planning case? 
- The Consultation Fee is $100.00.

What happens if Attorney and Client sign a Contract for Services at the end of the consultation? - If a Contract for services is signed and the Legal Case Fee stated in the Attorney-Client Contract is paid at the end of the consultation, the Consultation Fee is waived.

Are any consultations offered after business hours, or on weekends? - Most consultations are offered during business hours. In some cases, consultations may be offered after business hours, or on Saturdays, but only at the Woodlands location.

How do I schedule the consultation? - Call or email this office with the facts of your case, or complete the Consultation Scheduling Form below, and provide enough facts about your case, and Attorney will contact you to send an Intake Form for your type of case, and then schedule the consultation at an appropriate time for both parties.

What type of fees does Attorney charge for Estate Planning cases? - Estate Planning cases are handled on a flat fee basis, and the full deposit is collected when the Contract for services is signed. The fee is deposited in the Trust Account and when the work is performed, the fee is transferred to the Operating account. 

What type of fees does Attorney charge for Guardianship and Probate cases? - Probate and Guardianship cases are handled on an hourly rate basis. A deposit for the amount of work estimated for that case is collected when the Contract for services is signed, and it is deposited into the Trust Account. Periodic Invoices will be sent out stating the number of hours worked on the case at the quoted hourly rate, and then the appropriate amount is transferred from the trust account to the Operating account. The invoice will also show what amount of the initial deposit remains in the Trust account.

What type of Guardianship/Probate cases are not handled this Attorney? - Attorney does not handle already contested cases, or cases likely to turn contested once filed.

What type of Estate Planning cases are not handled by this Attorney? - Attorney does not handle Estate Planning for Taxable Estates ($5 million estate for single individual, or $10 million estate for married couple).

The consultation fee can be paid by cash, check, or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). If you will be making payment by Credit Card, once you have your credit card ready, enter your information including your email address so you verify the transaction was successful and receive a copy of the receipt for your records):

 Consultation Scheduling Form

Please complete the form below. Upon reviewing your answers, attorney will forward to you the appropriate Questionnaire and Consultation Agreement.

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