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Clients can pay the Consultation Fee by Cash, Check, or Credit Card as follows:

  • How to pay by cash: You can pay by cash only when you are in the attorney's office. Do not ever mail cash.

  • How to pay by check: Make you check payable to The Rice Law Firm, PLLC and mail to: 1095 Evergreen Circle, Suite 200, The Woodlands, TX 77380.

  • How to pay by credit card: The credit cards accepted by this office are Visa and Mastercard. When you enter the credit card information and your address, do not forget to enter your email address. If your transaction is successful, a receipt for your payment will be sent to your email. Where is says "reference", type either "Consultation Fee", or "Legal Case Fee" depending on whether you are paying Consultation Fee or the Legal Case Fee quoted in the Attorney-Client Contract. Click Here to Pay by Credit Card